Sugartop Hockey Club

All Eugene area hockey players are invited to join the Sugartop Hockey Club. The Sugartop Hockey Club is for all adult hockey players and it's mission is to provide more hockey playing and partying opportunities in the Eugene area. It is designed to be run by and for adult hockey players and to accommodate players of any skill level.

Joining is simple and the perks are many. You get a really cool collectors-item jersey, and you'll be added to the team email list where you'll get all kinds of offers for tournaments, pickup games, and on or off ice parties. Team members will get a discount on many events, and some events will be for team members only. Some of the events you might see include:

• Winterhawks play and watch field trips
• Tournaments or challenge games in Portland, Bend, Medford, Klamath Falls, or Mt Shasta, CA.
• Sugartop Hockey Club practice sessions: Pickup games for team members
• Late night pickup game/parties with 'refreshments' etc.
• Possible mini-tournament (all in one night) in Eugene
• Other events, limited only by imagination.

Here's how it works. To join the club, all you need to do is purchase one or more jerseys. The jerseys are high quality, come in both a light and dark version, and come with your choice of two logos from our sponsor, Sugartop Buddery (See below). When you place a jersey order, you will be added to the online community where you will hear about all the tournaments, field trips, pickup games and parties that get scheduled. You can also go online and look through the archives for previously scheduled events. You can join the conversation as well as posting your own ideas, questions, and thoughts any time.

I hope you will join. The more players that get involved, the more cool events become possible. Whether you are the type to go to tournaments and out of town games, the kind of player who likes more pickup games on local ice, someone who collects cool jerseys, or just someone who likes getting a drink with a bunch of hockey players, there's something for everyone. Join now!
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