The Outdoor Classic Pick-Up Hockey Tournament in Mt Shasta, CA!

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Mt Shasta is a beautiful town perched on the side of a mountain about a four hour drive south of here.  They have a cool downtown, some of the best drinking water in the country, gorgeous views, a ski area, and an outdoor rink complete with boards, glass and man made ice.  

Each year they have a tournament for all comers.  The teams are picked at random so all skill levels can play, you get at least 3 games, and it lasts all night if need be.  There is tailgating, partying, and lots of hockey. You will be able download the flyer for the tourney here.
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It is a ton of fun, so we’re going to bring a group down to participate for the third year in a row.  We rent a large house and you can make arrangements to sleep there or you can find yourself a room.  Either way, you should contact us if you’d like to go so we can keep a tally of who’s going.
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